Friendly Sam is a software toolbox for optimization-based modeling and simulation

Friendly Sam is a toolbox developed to formulate and solve optimization-based models of energy systems, but it could be used for many other systems too. Friendly Sam is designed to produce readable and understandable model specifications. It is developed with the Python ecosystem of scientific tools in mind and can be used together with numpy, pandas, matplotlib and many of your other favorite tools.


Friendly Sam is work in progress. Please post any questions or issues on the Issue Tracker.

Friendly Sam is friendly in a number of ways:

Flows of resources
The frien in friendly stands for flows of resources in energy system networks. With Friendly Sam, we model power plants, energy storages, consumers and other components as nodes in a network, interconnected by flows of “resources”. Resources is a common name for all the different flows you could model: district heating and cooling, electric power, fuels, etc.
Friendly Sam is user-friendly. Instead of a global namespace with variable names like VHSTOLOADT, we use object-oriented code with descriptive names like model[“Heat storage A”].accumulation(42). Your model becomes easier to write, understand and maintain.
Open source
Friendly Sam is open source software, because we think it’s friendly and smart to collaborate. Friendly Sam is released under LGPL v3 license. The source code is on GitHub.

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